SKINeo Pro


The SKINeo® Pro is a product which was developed by gbo Medizintechnik AG on the basis of the medical standards for ultrasound and electrotherapy devices. It features the latest technology and is operated via a touch screen.


For use in cosmetics all essential treatment parameters have been preset to allow a safe and effective treatment.

The SKINeo® Pro can be used for anti-aging applications on face, neck, décolleté and hands.


To the SKINeo® Pro following applicators can be connected:


MASK upper facial

MOVE mouth, neck, décolleté

HAND back of the hand

HAND duo both backhand simultaneously


The SKINeo® Pro is made for professional beauty salons that want to successfully use modern equipment for cosmetic anti-aging treatment. Even if they are not yet active in treating the body area, this investment offers the opportunity to expand the SKINeo® system to its full range of functions later on.


It is also important to note that the SKINeo® Pro automatically includes a medical grade 1/3 MHz ultrasound system of the highest quality with titanium heads.




Modul Body


 The SKINeo® system gets its full range of functions only in combination with the Modul Body. The body module can be operated only in combination with the SKINeo® Pro.


With the Modul Body all body applicators can be used. The objective is skin and tissue firming.

For this, the body module generates a specially developed sequence of highly effective physiological programs.


FORM thigh for intensive support of cellulite treatment

FLEX flexible use applicator for upper arms, stomach and buttocks


In combination with Pro SKINeo® Modul Body you can treat in your studio up to 4 regions of the body simultaneously and therefore you can offer to customers an unprecedented treatment efficiency.


SKINeo® Pro

with Modul Body


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