The MASK is made of biocompatible silicone into which the 7 ultrasonic oscillators are embedded. Each oscillator has its own electronics which it has been calibrated to the fixed output power of 100 mW / cm2. This is the power level that is being described as absolutely save in international scientific literature. The temperature of each device is individually surveilled in order to prevent unwanted heating.


The metal surface of the vibrator is also used as an electrode for application of HiToP® current with a 100Hz modulated signal.


The MASK fits gently to the face and creates a pleasant and relaxing feeling during the treatment.






MOVE is a medical grade ultrasound applicator with high-quality titanium vibrator. It is operated in this application using a high peak power with a high pulse rate to efficiently inject active ingredients per Phonophoresis and to make sure that no dangerous hotspots are being created.


The MOVE applicator is waterproof. MOVE is used in the oral region, the nasolabial folds the neck and the décolleté.


As a full range ultrasound device with 1 and 3 MHz, it is also universally applicable. Just as our medical ultrasonic equipment it is clearly top of the line.






The FORM applicator consists of the same materials and safety devices as the MASK. However, it includes 12oscillatorss with 10 cm2 active area per device. Also here the 100 mW / cm2 are applied. But in view of the large active area large (12 x 10 cm2) the FORM applicator supplies an impressive ultrasonic action, with which the active ingredients are introduced into the skin.


The treatment with the FORM applicator with his 12oscillatorss is particularly intense and is used at the thigh for the effective support of the cellulite treatment.


In addition to the Phonophoresis for introduction of active ingredients the FORM applicator also applies the HiToP® treatment. This unit utilizes a sequence of applications with high level of physiological effects to tighten the tissue.






HAND / HAND duo used to treat back of the hand. Even though this region is always visible and a sure telltale for one’s age it has been largely ignored in classical cosmetics. Through this applicator, a uniform and effective treatment of this region is now possible.






The FLEX applicator has used the same functionality as the FORM applicator, only that it carries 4 instead of 12 oscillators. You can use this applicator very flexibly on the upper arms, stomach and buttocks. It is possible to cascade 2 FLEX for one application, for example for the treatment of the stomach.



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