The HiToP-Effect


Natural skin firming through the biological effect of the HiToP® treatment.


The HiToP®-Technology


The HiToP® technology evolved from the medical field. There are worldwide granted patents and gbo Medizintechnik AG has the exclusive rights to those patents. The HiToP® method is special continued development of the well-known middle frequent Electrotherapy. HiToP® uses 4000 to 32000 oscillations per second. For the technically interested: We use a carrier frequency scan in 72 steps between 4096 Hz and 32768Hz..


The use of a multitude of higher frequencies results in:


  • Morecomfortabletreatment

  • Higher probability of resonance phenomena



The Effect on the Cell Metabolism


 The scientific literature reports many positive effects of middle frequent electric fields:


  • Increase of size and number of mitochondria, the cells power plants
  • Alleviation of the metabolism through the oscillating molecules
  • Detoxification of the tissue
  • Improved cell-cell communication supports the body’s own production of Hyaluron and collagen
  • Improved diffusion through the shaking effect leading to a greatly improved distribution of active substances (This is similar to the Iontophoresis but without the disadvantages of DC current)
  • Activation of the cAMP cycle (cyclical adenosine-monophosphate, a secondary messenger, that acts positively on the tissue’s trophic
  • Improved microvascular endothelium cell function


With the HiToP® method many frequencies between 4000 and 32000 Hz are used with higher intensities so that a strong effect on the cellular level can be expected. This application of the “inner frequencies” cannot be felt by the patient, but he will experience an effect that resembles a cell vitalization.



The Physiological Effects


Using the effective “external” frequencies between 0.1 and 200 Hz the HiToP® method can achieve many differentiated effects. Most important are:



With the relaxation frequency (100 Hz) you can suppress pain and, when applied long enough, relax tense muscles. This relaxation effect becomes evident when using the mask applicator. The mimic muscles relax and many users that have a tension headache report a noticeable improvement.

The MASK applicator uses the relaxation frequency. The relaxation of the mimic muscles leads to a lasting detonisation and in consequence to reduced mimic wrinkles.


With the body applicators we use 3 different frequencies. These frequencies are incorporated into a special body program which repeats those applications cyclically. These are the 3 effects:



Lipolysis is the natural process that takes the fatty molecules that are stored in the tissue and converts then into fatty acids that can then be used by the body as a source of energy for burning.


The process of lipolysis can be enhanced by applying the right HiToP® frequencies. Therefore, more stored fatty cells in the treated regions are converted to fatty acids ready to be burned by the body’s muscles.



Vasoconstriction is the medical expression for the squeezing of veins and arteries. This applies mainly to the small arteries and arterioles. This vasoconstriction can be triggered by applying the suitable frequency (10 Hz). The content of the small blood vessels is squeezed out and emptied into the larger vessels.


Muscle Pump

With strong stimulatory frequencies the muscles contract and squeeze out the larger vessels. This is called the muscle pump. It acts like an internal lymph drainage.


The body program has the following sequence:



Free fatty cells into
the capillary


Squeeze capillary into larger vessels

Muscle Pump

Muscle work and improved circulation


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