SKINeo Gels


The SKINeo® gels are perfectly matched to the SKINeo® treatment in the studio. They contain selected active ingredient complexes that are important for a successful and lasting treatment.


The components and molecular structure of SKINeo® gels were developed such that the active ingredients can be transported exceptionally well through the skin barrier by the Phonophoresis of LIPUS oscillators. In the skin, the active ingredients are distributed by the HiToP® Streaming.


The gels have been developed not only in regard to the perfect interaction with the SKINeo® technology, but there are many other features of great importance. We were able to create a gel that is entirely free of preservatives, as we fill aseptically and use an airless dispenser. We have given the gel thixotropic properties, so that the drops applied onto the oscillator stay in place. At the same time, during manual treatment the gel can be spread with great ease.


For both applications - Anti Aging and body treatment - there are the matching gels. In the SKIN EFFECT Gel series, we offer two different gels for Anti Aging Treatment – SKIN EFFECT and SKIN EFFECT PLUS. For the body treatment, the BODY EFFECT Gel was developed.





The SKIN EFFECT - Anti Aging Gel provides the perfect combination of active ingredients for anti-aging treatment. The gel consists of several active ingredients, which provide individually and collectively the desired effect. For example, plant extracts of seaweed and horse chestnut promote uniform structure of the skin. Niacinamide and Caffeine invigorate the skin from the inside. By carnitine cell metabolism is stimulated and the cells are activated. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid bolsters the skin and reduces wrinkles for an immediate effect. A specific polypeptide complex ensures that the elasticity and firmness of the skin is improved on a longer term.





The SKIN EFFECT PLUS - Anti Aging Gel has, compared to the "normal" SKIN EFFECT gel an additional effect.

The PLUS comes with a special polypeptide complex. These agents ensure that the mimic muscles are being relaxed. This could be called a “Botox effect”, but without the nasty side effects. With Botox mimic muscles are paralyzed so that no more emotional impulses are visible. Not so with our PLUS. The active ingredients help the body to relearn how to relax those muscles and avoid permanent tension. With reduced permanent tension the wrinkles are reduced.





The BODY EFFECT - body gel is designed for body treatment. The active ingredients ensure that skin and tissue are tightened. Plant extracts of seaweed and horse chestnut stimulate the skin's structure. Caffeine is circulation-stimulating and thus increases the nutrient transport in the body. By carnitine cell metabolism is stimulated and the cells are activated. The extract from the Brazilian pepper tree provides for the reduction of fat deposits in the cells. A specific polypeptide complex increases the skin's elasticity and firmness is greatly improved.




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