The Area Effect


The matrix oscillators work continuously and effectively on a larger area.



The Matrix Oscillators


The oscillators are mounted onto the biocompatible silicone carrier using a special clamping technique and electrically connected.


Based on this matrix oscillator technology we have developed a series of anatomically formed applicators for face, thigh, belly, buttock, hand, ….







The Gel Depot


A main goal of the SKINeo® treatment is to transport the valuable active substances during the whole treatment time into the skin. In the conventional methods the therapist always uses a pen-type applicator to manually apply the gel. For this he has to repeatedly apply more gel because valuable gel is pushed aside.


This is different with the SKINeo® matrix oscillators: Each oscillator has its own gel depot that hold enough gel for the whole treatment time. During the treatment the gel is always between the oscillator’s surface and the skin. Applying the Phonophoresis the skin becomes more permeable and the active substances can be transported into the skin.





Continuous Effect in the whole Treatment Area


The different applicators hold the oscillator matrix and cover a large skin area that is being continuously worked on during the whole treatment.


The LIPUS waves that are emitted by every single oscillator open the transport paths and push the gel out of the depots into the skin. As there are many oscillators we get a lot of parallel action; the FORM applicator for instance has 12 LIPUS oscillators totaling to a total active area of 12 x 10 cm2 = 120 cm2. This is about30dfold  the area of a normal ultrasound head. And this takes place continuously during the whole treatment time!


Once inside the skin, HiToP® Streaming distributes the active substance evenly between the matrix oscillators. In parallel to the “MESO-action” the HiToP® technology unfolds its effects in the whole area of the applicator.



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